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Give Me Some Light Yoga Mix Vol.5 * = chosen by mom 01. Adam… - Texas only kept me awake
Give Me Some Light
Yoga Mix Vol.5

* = chosen by mom
01. Adam Lambert - Pick U Up *
02. Rihanna - Only Girl (in the World) *
03. Richard Ashcroft - Sit and Wonder *
04. Afghan Whigs - Step into the Light
05. Adele - Someone Like You *
06. Glee Cast - Poker Face [feat. Idina Menzel] *
07. Twilight Singers - Get Lucky
08. Manic Street Preachers - Further Away
09. The Cure - Play For Today
10. George Michael - Praying for Time *
11. Twin Shadow - Tether Beat
12. Radiohead - Lotus Flower
13. Sebastien Schuller - 1978
14. Tindersticks - Factory Girls
15. Josh Groban - Higher Window *
16. Krishna Das - Narayana/For Your Love *

It's funny that after looking at my notes on Vol.4, I said there was enough leftover for a Vol.5 and maybe it wouldn't take as long... HAH!

I'm the biggest procrastinator on earth! at least I did make other mixes that weren't yoga related after that, but still... even there, I haven't posted one since 2009. I'm thinking I'll start on a regular mix pretty soon

Oh, also, if you want a copy, you can let me know. the reason I won't post it in public is that I don't want to go to jail :P
Since I waited so long, I let mom take over more than half of the setlist pretty much (I just came up with the order / story for the songs) and since it's mostly mainstream, I don't think it's appropriate to link it up. mom did buy all her songs from iTunes and most of my additions were purchased too in case anyone still wants to tsk at me who might eventually come along and see :P

I did some funny stuff to the first 2 tracks... I crossfaded Adam into the Rihanna song so it feels like they were in the same room... he laughs at the end of the track and she eventually laughs too in about the same way so I thought it was a cute detail. I had to do something to make it my own... har

I crossfaded a couple other songs, too; minor stuff.

Anyway, it's pretty good for what it is. mom played it in her yoga class today and one person did enjoy Poker Face so that's good. I kinda had a hand in picking that particular Glee song 'cause it went with the Twilight Singers song the best

So yeah, look forward to a normal mix eventually and that one I'll link... heh

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1 Sinner - Interact