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01. Burial + Four Tet - Wolf Cub 02. Neko Case - The Pharoahs… - Texas only kept me awake

01. Burial + Four Tet - Wolf Cub
02. Neko Case - The Pharoahs
03. Tortoise - The Fall Of Seven Diamonds Plus One
04. T. - A Gun in My Hat
05. Max Richter - Campana: The Tartu Piano
06. Tindersticks - The Other Side Of The World
07. Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Broken Line 1
08. City Center - Killer Whale
09. Have a Nice Life - Bloodhail
10. Paavoharju - Tuoksu Tarttuu Meihin
11. Sebastien Schuller - Weeping Willow
12. Mount Eerie - The Mouth Of Sky
13. Mus - Embalses y Rios
14. Martyn - Is This Insanity? Ft. Spaceape
15. Grizzly Bear - While You Wait On The Others
16. Meso Meso - Night River
17. Life Without Buildings - Sorrow (live)
Total Time: 75:24 after edits
Crossfaded Tracks: 1&2, 5&6, 7&8, 10&11 -- burning to disc only works if you have audacity to convert to wav, otherwise there may be a weird click in the middle of the transition which is not cool, but maybe most of you have ipods or could just listen on the computer :P


The cover art is def. photoshopped. the original photo was from that same Ohio trip from '06... I can't help that I took good photos then (Original)
The liner notes aren't going to be very informative considering I don't feel like doing research right now and am watching, of all things, The Bachelorette (the men tell all episode! harrr). maybe one day I will edit this and just alert everyone on that day... or not

Also, please let me know if the links all work and the songs sound okay 'cause it's always worrisome when technology is involved and well, typing any code... hah (all I know is that it finally sounded good on disc :P)

01- I was told this one is just too long, but it is the song I tested my crossfading technique on to be sure it still worked on this computer + happened to be the most in time transition in awhile... just the way it worked together... the beats clicked. this is also one of the first songs that got me out of my music slump, really both tracks of their collaboration. I wonder if there'll be a full length in the future?

02- I took out that weird circus bit at the end.... HAH! it just ruined the moment... I heavily edited a few other songs on this mix, too. this is still one of the best songs on the new Neko Case nonetheless. I still haven't gotten a real copy of the album yet... kept putting it off 'cause I heard the packaging wasn't anything to write home about... yes, for me, it's still allll about the packaging. sometimes I get more excited about that than the music when I order something, but still, packaging or not, it's a good album and I'll probably purchase it soon when I have some extra to spend

03- Yay! New Tortoise! another I still need to purchase ;D
I mostly used this to just carry on that idea of pharaohs... somehow I pictured them in this song

04- This song just cracked me up... I mean, it might just shoot him down, that gun! it has a mind of it's own! I was told people may think I need some help, but c'mon, not based on this ;P

05- More piano... a piano fixes all mixes in trouble

06- This is the song that inspired me to do this mix 'cause I felt this mix would be about being lost in translation (this song would've went well on that soundtrack ;P) and the many different emotions involved in that... trying to find someone, hold onto that person, but they're so far away off in big cities. I'm sure there are probably other images brought to mind in this mix, but mixes are meant to have many translations... hahah
Edit: Oh yeah, forgot to mention this is the song I mentioned in a filtered entry that took forever to fix in the editing process, so yes the crossfade does kinda fade out then back in 'cause that's the only way I could make it work, at least with my editing skillz

07- Yeah, okay, this song can get boring just by itself, not waiting for a transition, but I really do love the whole package, great as usual... seeing it performed live and the behind the scenes stuff makes it fuller somehow; not that it's not something to get into even before all that since I did like it before watching the dvd side, but y'know.... now every time I hear it, I picture Ryuichi with his one hand in the air, the other over the piano, waiting to conduct the orchestra at just the right moment. he's a perfectionist as brought up in the behind the scenes stuff which made me laugh (I'm apparently the only one though... mom found this dvd boring ;P) 'cause I mean, c'mon, I can't even make a mix without trying to line things up just right and pulling out my hair if one thing is difficult to fix. I'm sure if I were working with all those people, I'd have a billion fits to get it the way I needed it to be... it was surprising there didn't seem to be big blow ups on this dvd... maybe I'm just used to seeing drama... they were all lighthearted about it even if some were nervous about doing this type of minimalism

08- I don't know what it is about this song... it's just so hypnotic and sounds like it's practically underwater with that whale... heh

09- The title and the song is kinda morbid... in fact, one of the mumbled lines sounds like they're saying it's too morbid... hah. but of course, there is a deeper meaning than just being emo / goth. the album came with this HUGE booklet which I still haven't made it all the way through... I just flipped through certain parts. these guys were big on history (history majors possibly, it's been awhile since I flipped through it ;P) and this song, amongst the rest on the album were based on some point in history. I'm only saying this so people don't get scared... I just had to use it for that pounding opener... it makes it more of a climatic moment

10- More Finnish bands! hurray! I really loved this album last summer.... too bad I never did make a top ten end of the year list 'cause this album would've been on it. this particular song doesn't really showcase the whole of it since it was more of an interlude, but really, look it up!

11- This song's from '05 and I only used it on one mix which I don't think I ever shared 'cause it screwed up then I lost my ibook :\
Anyway, I just love it and it really went well after the last song + there's one particular note in the song that is similar to the whale sound in the City Center track which ties the mix together... I always love going over a mix and finding out why the sounds work together, what similar notes are made
Edit: Found the video for this song... what made me interested in the first place... I recall I waited an awful long time to see it, too 'cause I was on dialup at the time and it was well worth it... HAH!

12- Another wake up climatic moment... I have no clue why I chose this one out of the tons of other more melodic songs off this album, but eh ;P
I just googled (yeah I said I didn't have time to search, but The Bachelorette just ended... hahah) and it's said this is his black metal album... ooooo spooky... someone even brought up deathconsciousness in one of the comments which is the name of Have a Nice Life's album, yay, connections! I heard that he was inspired by Twin Peaks, but I forgot where I read that, I never saw the show & unsure if I should or not to get a better idea

13- Another rather old song... '02 I think? good stuff... I translated the title of this song... Dams and Rivers... I s'pose it can go along with the wind of the previous track... um yeah, I have no clue about the rest of it, but it's spanish, yes

14- Spaceape is always what I come back to for the hip hop portion when desperate... he's still the best there is even if okay, there is never a change in his tone from song to song, but that's the charm! I think he'd do well with anyone's work musicwise... as for the song's theme, yeah, it lands upon the crazy vibe throughout this mix as it is and yeah, okay, the 'need help' bit, but noooo, that isn't what I was trying to convey... I was trying to convey the struggle in our lives that doesn't need to be there and how we all want that escape back to what's natural and earthy... okay, I think I'm getting too mia michaels + pretentious about this... soon I'll be typing the word organic ;P

15- There had to be a Grizzly Bear song on here... best thing I've heard in awhile and yeah, this is their Spoon-like song... listen to the whole thing... lots of different sounds that come together as a lovely whole... yessss

16- I bought this sometime last year off of boomkat off of one review... kinda sounds like sigur ros in a way... a Japanese version though this song kinda makes me think Venice, Italy on a gondola ride. I read it's compared to Lullatone... I like them, but they were more funny

17- I really got into this band after reading about them on a forum as being overrated.... I thought.... overrated?? when I've never heard of them?? hah. I really like the free-form poetic way the lyrics just ramble off... I chose the live version 'cause of the added energy brought on and I think this type of music needs energy... also, this is a good closer... Sorrow... no

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aekastar From: aekastar Date: July 21st, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yay! :D
Be prepared for strangeness... hah
erebrandir From: erebrandir Date: July 25th, 2009 02:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
Woo hooooo!!! It looks great! Congratulations! Downloading it now!
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Thought you might like to see this screencap of my iTunes. I have all your mixes lined up again. :-D

aekastar From: aekastar Date: July 25th, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
Heh cool :D
I keep pondering making another post about my mix on facebook... it seems those I spoke to when I signed into chat briefly the other day missed the update on their newsfeed Monday night and wouldn't have known if I didn't tell them, but then I just felt too embarrassed thinking it'd make me seem egotistical to post about it more than once... hah
erebrandir From: erebrandir Date: July 25th, 2009 11:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
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Ooo nice! hoping other people listen :D
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