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Texas only kept me awake
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Anyone else on there?
Thanks to themunkee posting about it, I joined last night (it got rather fun thinking back to what I had read; I better get on my next book though), so even if you're not currently on there, join! I want more friends!
Found on the back of the shoebox for my new shoes:

It's ironic that the shoes are, in fact, painful. I didn't expect these ones to work out, but I had to see them anyway. good thing they're from endless. the return label is already printed out.

Dare I risk going for the next choice? it's in a style I generally work with... hm.

p.s. Unsure if the chat issue has been solved yet (spoken about in friends only), but at least I've taken care of laundry and showered. not that these are related things.. just that I've accomplished something if not solved everything (like chat or the shoe issue).

[Edit: Hm... okay, it seems chat is fine. hurrah!
I'll continue to monitor it though]


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Randomly, when I was looking at some fashion photo set on flickr, I ran across someone wearing melissa+campana shoes. at that point, I didn't know they were plastic; I was just looking to get a pair in exchange for the red shoes that didn't work which I got on my bday (I would've just gotten a half size up, but no site sold that size), so was looking at all flats.

The word jellies was almost a turn-off, but after reading enough about how they differ from others and smell like fruit (!!!), I think I must have them.

Sadly, they didn't come in colours I would've rather had them in like black or red (at least not at stores in English.. hah. kanji anyone?), but purple may just work.

Here's the main website with all the designs: http://melissaaustralia.com.au/

The place I plan to get them from is here: Unsung Designers


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Mom came up with the "20 something" idea since there wasn't a 6 candle in the drawer... hah!
I think I'm too young to not be using my full age though... well, let's hope!

The cake is sadly gone.. we ate the last two pieces tonight, so it's appropriate that mom sent me the pictures of it finally!

[Edit: Dreamhost is a bit slow right now, so if the image doesn't show up, just wait awhile]
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So, last night was a bit crazy considering at first I had decided I'd just do the whole anthropologie exchange/Kirby Borders trip on Saturday since dad's off then, but there was a 'maybe' possibility for my bday just so I get gifts on that exact day. I wasn't in the mood to go the later it got since I was slightly irritable due to my broken sleep. nonetheless, once he came over, I was pushed to go do it before I just delay it further....

and so on!Collapse )

..and what is most important!

I ended up getting:
Black Heart Procession - The Spell
Electrelane - No Shouts No Calls
Herbert - 100lbs (reissue)
Junior Boys - So This is Goodbye
Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - Tongues + The Exchange Session Vol.2
One AM Radio - This Too Will Pass
and Twilight Singers - Powder Burns

Dad paid for half though my rewards card was used to earn me points anyway.

There were a few others that I would've gotten, but remembered they were at the Borders down the street, so thought I'd save it for a trip there since there was also a graphic novel I couldn't get (Kirby hardly had a good graphic novel selection.. it was weird. manga took up two rows yet there were just two sections for graphic novels at the end of the manga's second row. even the one that was said to be there, I couldn't find so either someone else decided to get it or it was misplaced. oh well). yeah, I s'pose I didn't -have- to do that, but I thought I was going to be spending enough already not knowing about the deal.

Along with those, I got:
Tindersticks - Simple Pleasure
Bill Callahan - Woke On A Whaleheart

They were in the mail! erebrandir got me the latter one which surprised me since I didn't expect anything from non-relatives even if some people teased or considered getting me gifts in the past. it's really not necessary, but I appreciated it and already thanked him, but I'll document it here anyway!
Tindersticks was a gift from mom; it cost $25 through a seller on amazon marketplace. I listened to it a few times last night though, so it was already worth the price... a bit different than the past albums in that it was minimal, but it still had some of the classic Tindersticks sound mixed in with the pop/R&B/funk/disco-y elements.

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"This tea smells and tastes like a funky, dirty, wet wool sweater. No way would I ever drink it again."

I was reading tea reviews since mom decided she'd just order me more tea instead of going through the hassle of returning (our printer's almost out of ink, so printing the return label turned into frustration -- hopefully they aren't really expecting it. before getting a link to the label, you must confirm you're shipping it back... eesh) and that one popped out at me. people have a way with words sometimes ;D


...and yes, I'm awake at this hour (it was the usual in the past, but I've been doing better lately!) 'cause I accidently fell asleep at 1:30am which is a bit too early for me to have a full sleep. I woke up at 5am and am unsure when I'll get sleepy again. I'm just mildly tired.

My birthday's today though so hell, I can sleep for as long as I'd like!

...at least this interlude gave me a chance to brush my teeth and listen to The National's Mistaken For Strangers single for around the fifth time (thanks lindsey! I got it today, so thought what the hell, I'm opening it.. heh ETA: obviously I mean yesterday today... I'm still stuck on it being the 15th). I must say, still The National sticks out as the best thing that's come out. I love how even on the one bside, a nice horn section is surprisingly added at the very end. it comes off as classy to have that small bit of fanfare that only appears once. recently I was reading a thread about what always makes a song better and that certainly does... along with violins which is what I answered with, yes.. nothing beats that.
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The a/c'll be fixed by Tuesday (unless someone cancels) and not a moment too soon considering the humidity level...

I've been picking lint and stray hair from my feet all day.
Today was spent mostly reading the 33 1/3 book on In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. it had been forever since I'd listened to that album and now I think I finally have an appreciation for every song on there. for the most part, I skipped to the title track (which I know all the words to; I dunno why I never sung that when I recorded 'karaoke' style spontaneously -- I mean, I did Red House Painters which I think is harder to sing...) and Oh Comely which still never sounds like it's 8+min long. the song that usually made me cringe was The King of Carrot Floweres Pts. Two & Three due to the whole Jesus Christ thing. it mentioned enough in this book about how it shocked / confused other people as well (really, for me, I think I just shook my head and left the room till it was over the first time I heard it). I'm not big on religion, but now I think I can calm down a bit since even if he really means it, it shouldn't affect the listening pleasure of the album -- I had never thought to read the liner notes (weirdly; I usually at least skim/glance when I get a new album) and the idea of an eternal white light within everything is a nice idea, so yeah. also don't mind the reincarnation notes brought up later for the song Holland, 1945; I'd actually like to believe in that (when I was younger I pictured my last life involved being a painter living on the streets in Italy; I came to the idea after mumbling gibberish in a grocery store and out came a string of italian words which I probably subconsciously remembered from relatives. it's still nice to hold that past life idea).

For such a small book, I did get interested in a couple things mentioned like Steve Keene's paintings which was brought up under the section about the Aeroplane Over The Sea sessions where the paintings (made for an Apples in Stereo video) were all over the new 'studio'. I'm almost tempted to spend $10 for a random painting, but I'll maybe wait on that. I'm lazy when it comes to buying frames.

Also, William Schaff's little book based off the song Holland, 1945 pulls everything I'd read together. this page in particular really moved me.

Embarrassingly enough, I have yet to hear the album On Avery Island which was discussed at length at the beginning to build up to the main event. I think it should be a top priority whenever I next find it and it's not that hard to find.

Maybe I'll read more of these books at some point, but most albums chosen are ones I just don't have by the artists picked. I did see there's one on The Velvet Underground / Nico album, but only sort've care about... yeah, it's one I usually bring up to say I like -some- old music (ie; music before the 80s).

[ETA: yes, I see there's one on Radiohead's OK Computer which I spent more time listening to than In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, but it got some bad reviews, so I don't think I'll read that one]
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Earlier tonight, my klutziness reached new heights!

I was discussing a buddhist monk who's supposed to show up at a Borders this coming weekend when I smoothly leaned back on the bed on my elbows....

This move was interrupted by the fact that I didn't clear my green bean plate from earlier and my elbow fell on the resting fork! it was a mini stab of sorts, but it still hurt for awhile and I joked about needing a tetanus shot then mom said it just had rabies is all.

Later she kept pretending there was a fork coming out of her head and needing an ER visit.. yes, I guess it's good I didn't decide to lay on the bed head first... hm... well, in that case, I'd have known the plate was there, so maybe it would've been best!

[ETA: oh, also my elbow got all greasy due to the olive oil... that was fun]
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Vonnegut dead at 84:

Slaughterhouse-Five inspired me to write the piece on my profile page here along with other inspirations in writing as not many have been able to do. I have only read two of his novels, but it's clear he was one of the greats.
Alexia oven fries + KC Masterpiece steak seasoning = crack
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This was the last trip I'll take to downtown Houston for the next couple months yet due to feeling rather crappy, I only took a minimal amount of photos. the weather was rather dreary, too (which probably accounted for part of the crappiness) as it was the last time I went to anthropologie back in January. this time, we were going to Vinal Edge first which was near the airport, so it was a longer drive...

moreCollapse )

That was my exciting trip. at least it was worth my effort despite how awful I felt at the start of it.


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01. Bill Callahan - Night
02. Eluvium - In A Sense
03. Burial - You Hurt Me
04. Kode9 and The Spaceape - Nine
05. Herbert - Birds Of A Feather
06. Marissa Nadler - Feathers
07. Berg Sans Nipple - Aquarium Life
08. Giardini Di Mirò - The Swimming Season (Hood Remix)
09. 17 Pictures - The Garden
10. Ella Guru - Park Lake Speakers
11. Thee More Shallows - Night At The Knight School
12. TV-Resistori - Intiaanidisko
13. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid - Our Time
14. David Thomas Broughton - Execution
15. Hush Arbors - Wooded Reel
16. Stuart A. Staples - Say Something Now
17. Jan Jelinek avec The Exposures - Collage Of Digital Passion
18. Arcade Fire - Ocean of Noise
19. Shearwater - Nobody
20. Menomena - West
Total time: 79:35 after edits.
Crossfaded tracks: 2&3, 6&7, 9&10, 13&14, 17&18 -- remember, these work correctly on an ipod or on your computer, but burning to disc (at least on itunes) creates a glitch, so put those tracks in wav format just to be safe

p.s. even if you've received an actual copy of this mix, read the liner notes! I just typed them up today since I didn't keep copies of the ones I sent out + this is a better, more in depth, set of notes.

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I checked my valentines.

Thanks all!

I even got an anon message... now I'm curious who that was... it reminds me that I haven't shared music in awhile though. I do plan to post the latest mix I made soon!

In the meantime, a good place to check for leaked albums is here (I also check some forums, but maybe they don't want direct links).
The other night, I completed In the Country of Men by Hisham Matar.

Back in the summer, I heard about this book through a blog which linked the Guardian article. I was, at first, disappointed to see it was only available at amazon UK at that time, but when I saw it'd arrive at the end of January over here, I claimed it to be the first novel I'd read and it technically was (I read some manga, a graphic novel and a book of poetry, but it is the first actual novel). I could've gotten it through amazon UK like one of the reviewers on amazon, but I liked the cover art better for the U.S. one (hush).

The book itself is about a 1979 Libya told through a nine-year-old child's eyes, but interspersed with the 24-year-old he grew up to be exiled in Cairo. usually I'm not big on political novels, but this isn't at the forefront. as the main article suggests, it wouldn't make much sense without the political backbone. the main point of the story seems to be the relationship between him and his mother and having to live in an oppressive country; how things began to change when he found that his father wasn't on one of his business trips, but instead in a house with green shutters on Martyr's Square hanging a red towel.. when his best friend's father was taken and later executed... how a hero won't come in to save them all; how he can't rescue his mother from her past.

I think my favourite part of the book was the mulberry scene where he keeps saying over and over again how the angels brought them from heaven behind god's back... he returns to that train of thought throughout the novel. after handing his baba a mullberry a day after the beating, baba spits the partially chewed berry on the ground seconds later.

There are parts of the characterisation of the boy which I didn't like such as the scene where he betrays his best friend (yeah, he felt remorse, but still...). he also bullies a homeless man a couple times; hitting him with rocks and later pushing him off the pier when he can't swim. he even accidently hits a hemophiliac! the least understandable part was handing the man in the white car the book he saved from the burning. sure, maybe he had some good intentions, but some of it just seemed detestable while reading.

Despite all that, it was well written and worth the read. I even stopped here and there to look up info on the various issues.

My next book in queue is What is the What by Dave Eggers. I'm sticking to Africa, it seems, though then I'm hopping back to that Gabriel Garcia Marquez autobiography which I never finished after that to see if it's a faster read after some time.